U.S. Troops (But Not Their TVs) Prepare To Leave Iraq

Is this a big deal or not? I am on the fence because I know there are hundreds of charities that could benefit from some of those items. It would be great if they were placed in a pool for Veterans who have started businesses could get some of the items for free. I know as a small business owner, to have access to that office equipment/furniture, would be a bonus. Of course, the cost of shipping the equipment home is insignificant when it comes to the lives that have been lost.

The final American troops are set to leave Iraq in a matter of days. Just a few thousand remain, and they will be heading south toward Kuwait — the starting point for a war that began nearly nine years ago.

The last American military unit out of Iraq will be part of the 1st Cavalry Division from Fort Hood, Texas. The division fought in some of the war's toughest battles and suffered nearly 300 killed.

The last to leave will stream down the highway in armed military convoys, carefully scanning the roads for bombs or insurgent fighters. Attack helicopters will help protect them on the way to Kuwait.

"It is not just guys getting on the road [and] driving down south," says Lt. Gen. Frank Helmick, who's overseeing the redeployment of American forces. Helmick says there have been few incidents as the American troops make their way home, but they're not taking any chances. "Our soldiers are ready if there is a problem on the road," he says.

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