Report: Cain to endorse Newt Monday

I knew Cain was going to endorse Newt. I did not expect it to be this soon, but I suspected he would pick Newt. They have the same condescending attitude toward poor people and people on color in my opinion. They both tend to fault the media whenever they are asked very probing questions. Wasn't he Newt's pick for VP in one of those debates? I would think that if Newt gets the nomination, he will put Cain on his ticket. Now that would be a recipe for disaster. I am sure that the debates between President Obama and Gingrich and VP Biden and Cain would be 'must see TV'. Those would be debates that I would pay to see.

That was fast.

Fox-5 in Atlanta, the same station that broke the Ginger White allegations, is reporting that Herman Cain is going to endorse Newt Gingrich on Monday.

And Gingrich just added a media availability to his schedule in New York on Monday, suggesting the likelihood the endorsement will be held in Manhattan.

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