Obama invokes Teddy Roosevelt in speech attacking GOP policies

I watched the President's speech and I was inspired. I am not real sure what some of the news commentators and guest were talking about. In my opinion it is not the job of the President to provide the details. That is the role of Congress. He has been real clear about the need to do something about our tax structure. Unfortunately, Congress is too busy trying to limit my rights as a woman and make President Obama a one term president. I am glad to see him talk a lot tougher to not only the American people but to Congress as well.

President Obama came to this tiny middle American town Tuesday to invoke the spirit of a long-ago Republican president in a speech that laid out, in his sharpest language yet, the economic and social arguments he will probably use against Republicans in 2012.

Obama called for a return to modest, middle-class values and said the recent rise in populist anger — from the tea party movement to the Occupy Wall Street protests — was evidence of the need to remedy the growing economic inequality in American life.

The president chose this town of 4,600 in eastern Kansas as a historical echo of a speech delivered a century earlier by Theodore Roosevelt, who used the same location to call for a strong central government that would protect ordinary Americans from what he called the greed and recklessness of big business and special interests. That speech, which became known as “the New Nationalism” speech, was one of the early cornerstones of 20th-century progressivism.

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