Exit Exams Less Popular As States Shift To College- And Career-Readiness Tests

This is good news. I just hope that the Department of Education develops some national standards that all states have to abide by to receive Federal funding. There has to be better oversight in states if they are to beheld accountable to outcomes. It also makes sense that a young person's life is not totally written off because of one test.

Fewer states are requiring students to pass high school exit exams to graduate, but more states are increasing standardized testing in college- and career-readiness assessment efforts, according to a report released Thursday.

The report by the Center on Education Policy reveals that in the 2010-11 school year, 25 states have or plan to implement policies that require students to pass end-of-grade or end-of-course exams to earn a high school diploma -- a figure down from 28 the year before. Six more have or plan to implement exit exams that do not mandate a minimum passing standard for graduation. The change comes as Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee changed their exit exam requirements that instead factor student scores from those tests into the student's final grade in a course required for graduation.

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