Donald Trump to moderate a GOP debate? Now that's a bad joke

I agree with Roland Martin on this one. The office of the President is too serious for these people to be entertaining nonsense. The sad part about it is, I cannot figure out what 'hold' does Donald Trump have on the Republican party. People allow him to make some of the most idiotic statements without checking him on it. I am glad there are still a couple of journalist that are not afraid to call it like it is.

Earlier this week it was reported that former NBA slam-dunk champion, Anthony "Spud" Webb was planning to become head coach of Rick Cabaret's New York Stripper team.

From the moment I read it I cracked up laughing, knowing full well that my longtime friend and golf buddy, who also happens to be president of basketball operations for the Texas Legends (an NBA D-League team) would never do such a thing, and the press release was a joke.

I even left him a voicemail Wednesday saying it was funny and ridiculous at the same time, and the next day his publicist released a statement calling it an "ill-fated attempt at humor."

No harm, no foul Spud, and anyone taking it seriously needs to really learn to laugh.

So when I began to see tweets Friday about the maniacal real estate mogul Donald Trump moderating a Republican presidential debate in Iowa on December 27, I had the same reaction as the Spud-strip team press release: this is a bad joke.

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