Charismatic Church Leader, Dogged by Scandal, to Stop Preaching for Now

I think this is the best decision he has made in a long time. As a matter of fact, I think he should have done this a long time ago. I hope the people at the church will give him the opportunity to heal. I also hope that they have placed their faith in God and not in Bishop Long. If it is in God's will, then the Bishop will be back.

At the height of his power, Bishop Eddie L. Long would pack tens of thousands of people into his megachurch in the suburbs of Atlanta.

With his well-cut suits, passion for Bentleys, and dynamic, accessible style of preaching, he quickly climbed the list of the nation’s most powerful religious leaders.

He built his ministry, which stretches to Kenya and other countries, on a strong message of conservative Christianity that included promises of prosperity and attacks on homosexuality.

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