Black Voters Told, 'Relax, Don't Vote'

Why is this flying under the radar of mainstream media? This is a major case that goes totally against what the Republicans have been trying to convince us of. This is a major victory for the 'block the vote' cause, but we need to hear about it. If these tactics were used in the 2010 elections, no wonder they started changing laws across the country. They are terrified on this President getting reelected. They will try anything to keep him out. We must stay vigilant!!!

Those who are still confused about why Republicans spend so much energy making it harder for people to vote should pay some attention to a case that concluded this week in a courtroom in Baltimore. There, the campaign manager for 2010 Republican gubernatorial candidate, and former Maryland governor, Robert Ehrlich was tried and found guilty of election fraud based on an attempt to suppress the African-American vote by authorizing the use of misleading robocalls.

The 23-second calls (listen to one here), targeted at 110,000 homes in Baltimore City and Prince George's County three hours before polls closed on election night in 2010, told voters that they could stay home. Incumbent Gov. Martin O'Malley and President Obama, the voice on the phone explained, had been "successful." The caller encouraged voters to just "watch the returns on TV."

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