W.H. boosts disaster spending estimate

I hope that Congress does not politicize the help for all of these people. There are way too many people that are in need right and unfortunately with the weather pattern, there will be many more.

The price tag for disaster relief continues to grow as the White House revised its 2012 figures upwards again Monday to show a total of at least $6.7 billion in costs for the coming fiscal year, including preliminary estimates of $1.5 billion related to Hurricane Irene.

“As of now, our preliminary assessment is that we will need roughly $1.5 billion in additional disaster relief funding through FY 2012 to help families and communities affected by this Hurricane,” Budget Director Jack Lew wrote in a posting on his office’s website. “This roughly $1.5 billion estimate would help cover the uninsured losses families and communities have suffered — those damages that are not already covered by private insurance.”

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