Texas sonogram law struck down

I hope this stands another round of attacks. Womens Rights has been under attack with this new wave of Republican State Legislatures and Governors. Some states want to have a say in a woman having a baby. However, when that woman needs help in caring for that baby they made her have, they are no where to be found. Enough is Enough!!!!

Texas cannot require women to view sonogram results 24 hours before undergoing an abortion, a federal judge in Austin ruled Tuesday.

The law, which would have taken effect Thursday, required physicians to describe in detail the size of the fetus and its organs and make available audio of any fetal heartbeat, according to the Austin American-Statesman.

U.S. District Court Judge Sam Sparks, who was appointed to the bench by President George H.W. Bush, ruled those provisions violated the First Amendment by forcing doctors to engage in government-mandated speech.

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