Tavis Smiley Says He’s Not an Obama Critic: Hmmmmmm

Dr. Watkins does an excellent job of looking at both sides evenly.  I will state this for the umpteenth time, I do not have a problem with critiquing the President. However, Tavis has made his critique of the President personal. If it was not personal, why bring up that he hasn't been invited to the White House? I am glad that he took the time to highlight the need for us to do something about poverty. But even in that, he found a way to bash the President.

In a recent interview, Tavis Smiley took issue with being described as a critic of President Barack Obama. Smiley made it clear that he is not a critic of the president, since he has never criticized him personally.

“Your facts are wrong because I have never leveled a personal critique against the president ever. I’ve never said anything personal about Barack Obama,” Tavis said to TheGrio.com.

“I detest when people suggest that I’m an Obama critic. I’m a member of the media and my job like yours—if you’re doing it well—is to hold the president accountable. That doesn’t make me a critic,” he said.

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