Roland S. Martin: No One Fears President Obama

I agree with Roland on this one. Wanting to stay above the 'silliness', is making this President look weak. I was angry when I heard they had given in yet again to the GOP. How far must you bend over backwards before you realize you are now in a permanent state of bending. I am ready for him to fight. He really does have the American people behind him. We are ready to fight as well. But, until he takes a stand and stays there he will continue to be disrespected.

The White House loves to trumpet the idea that one of President Barack Obama’s greatest virtues is how he operates above the fray, choosing not to waste time with the political battles in the trenches.

“No-Drama Obama” is who we heard about during the 2008 presidential campaign, about how his cool, calm demeanor was his biggest asset. But look at how the GOP forced the president’s hand on extending the Bush tax cuts; how it created political hay out of the debt ceiling and led the nation to lose its triple-A credit rating; and now how it grossly disrespected him by rebuffing him while he spoke to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday.

And now, I think it’s fair to ask: When will Obama strike back and exert some presidential muscle?

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