Maxine Waters to Obama: Treat Blacks like Iowans

Rep. Waters is at it again. I have to admire her spit, but why is it all coming out right now. Where was this fire at Republicans during the healthcare debate? During the debt ceiling debate? During the Bush tax cut debate? It would have been great to see the CBC take on the Tea Party like they are taking on the President. I agree that the President has to speak directly to the African American community. However, the line he is towing is a balance between engaging and alienating at the same time.

Just hours before President Barack Obama addresses a joint session of Congress on his jobs plan, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) is demanding the nation’s first African-American president prove he cares as much about unemployed blacks as he does about Iowa’s swing voters.

“There are roughly 3 million African Americans out of work today, a number nearly equal to the entire population of Iowa. I would suggest that if the entire population of Iowa, a key state on the electoral map and a place that served as a stop on the president’s jobs bus tour were unemployed, they would be mentioned in the president’s speech and be the beneficiary of targeted public policy,” Waters said in a statement to POLITICO on Thursday.

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