Bryant, Lakers Donate to Laid-Off Staff

This is the kind of news we could use more of. We often hear of the negative things professional athletes, very seldom the good. This is great that they even thought of someone not exactly on the team. I hope this type of goodwill spreads throughout the league.

Politics 365's Malik Shareef reports that Kobe Bryant and NBPA President Derek Fischer have decided to donate to donate money tagged for the Lakers to two former employees who were laid off before the lockout:

Each team receives a playoff pool of money, based on how far they advance in the playoffs. For their second-round playoff exit in 2011, the Lakers received $604,000, which is normally divided among the players and some team employees. In a generous gesture, Laker captains Kobe Bryant and NBPA President Derek Fisher voted to give around $65,000 of the pool to two former employees, Chris Bodaken and Patrick O’Keefe, let go before the lockout.

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