Bobby Watts Makes Sure The Homeless Have Health Care

This is awesome to see someone caring about the needs of the homeless. As a nation, we are quick to blame the homeless for their situation. Not all people that are homeless are there by their own decisions. Even if they were, sick people need to be taken care of. I hope the economy turns around so that maybe other cities can copy this act of kindness.

Bobby Watts says the homeless have enough to think about without worrying about their health.

"They have other pressing needs," said Watts, the executive director of Care for the Homeless. "They're thinking, where am I gonna find food for the day? Where am I going to sleep? How can I make sure my kid gets to school? Health care tends to fall to the bottom of their list of priorities until it becomes an urgent situation."

Watts said he wants to put an end to homeless people's health problems before they have to go to the emergency room. Care for the Homeless, based in New York City, sends service teams of doctors, nurses and social service workers to find homeless people, instead of the other way around. They visit shelters, soup kitchens and street corners to provide assistance.

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