5 death row cases that should keep Perry up at night

There is no way that you can sign off on that many executions, call yourself a Christian and not lose sleep at night. Rick Perry may have 'wowed' the crowd with his response, but I am sure that the families of some of his victims were not impressed. I hope the media keeps him having to answer for these deaths.

Rick Perry's now infamous answer to a death penalty question during the NBC/Politico presidential primary debate -- that he doesn't lose any sleep over the 235 executions he's presided over in Texas, specifically over whether any of those killed might have been innocent -- inspired shock and some horror online. (Though much of the horror was reserved for the audience, which applauded the application of the ultimate penalty so often in the Lone Star State.)

But are there executions that should have given the new GOP front-runner pause? Signs, including near-misses in which a prisoner on death row ultimately was released, and at least one disturbing case of what many believe was the execution of an innocent man, point to yes.

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