Will ritzy vacation trip Obama up?

This is only an issue because the media is making it one. Who among us could not stand to go on vacation?  I think the numbers speak for themselves concerning President Obama's vacations in relation to Presidents Bush and Reagan during the same time frame. We all know that the President will be working just as much as he will be relaxing. Is it because he is at Martha's Vineyard that it is causing such a stir? Either way, this is a non issue. Let the President enjoy his family, play some golf, read his books, eat some ice cream and take his wife out without being criticized.

President Barack Obama is keeping a low profile on the isle of liberal affluence that is Martha’s Vineyard — hoping to avoid the grapes of political wrath in 2012.

Obama is hardly leading a hermit’s existence here, spending some of his time in public view, taking daughters Sasha and Malia to a bookstore in Vineyard Haven on Friday, enjoying a night out with first lady Michelle at the Beach Plum Inn in Chilmark a few hours later and spending part of Sunday on a public beach near Edgartown.

But he’s mostly played out of the spotlight, and his team has done its best to downplay the recreational aspects of what is undeniably a very rich guy’s very expensive vacation in a place regarded as a lobster-roll-and-Chardonnay Shangri-La for the moneyed Democratic elite.

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