Verizon Labor Strike: Defense Of Middle Class Jobs, Workers Claim

I hope this does not have a negative impact on my cable and internet services. But, I hope this does not last too long. We need people working that want to work.

Outside Verizon corporate headquarters in downtown Manhattan, a group of more than 40 union employees gathered wearing red shirts and placards proclaiming "CWA on Strike For Middle Class Jobs."

Over 45,000 Verizon workers -- 35,000 represented by the union Communications Workers of America, 10,000 by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers -- went on strike early Sunday morning when contract negotiations between the unions and Verizon broke down. The workers are striking, they say, because the company wouldn't budge on the nearly 100 concessions headquarters has asked employees to make on a set of broad-ranging issues. At the top of the list: wide spread wage cuts, increased employee contributions to health care plans and pensions -- which the company has proposed to freeze for current employees and eliminate for new hires.

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