Sunday’s Best Week Number 6 [RECAP]

I don't know if I necessarily agree with the judges decision. I agree that you must bring your A game every night at this point. I don't think that they all did that. These are singers that at times have had a difficult time showcasing themselves to us. I hope Michael Pugh wins, but I suspect it will be Andrea Helms.

BET’s Sunday’s Best has selected their final contestants to compete for the grand prize. Tonight’s theme “Stairway To Heaven”. Gospel singer and minister extraordinaire Kim Burrell is their de-facto vocal coach. .

This week’s contestants and songs were as follows:

Michael Pugh
•Donnie McClurkin: He made me want to sing with him.
•His song carried Erica and Tina to such a place that couldn’t comment.

Monica Smith
•Donnie McClurkin: You didn’t feel it
•Erica Campbell: It wasn’t the best.
•Tina Campbell: You got connect the song.

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