Rick Perry: The View From Texas

I live in Texas and I am not the least impressed with Rick Perry. I did not vote for him in the last gubernatorial election. Although things in Texas are better than in other states, I do not believe that Rick Perry is great for the country as a whole. I hear the pundits say that he will be a real threat to the President, but he has more baggage that I am sure will be exposed soon. What makes what works for Texas any different than what works for Massachusetts? He is definitely a character to watch.

While the major metropolitan areas in the state have tilted toward Democrats, Texas is still a solidly red state. Our governor-turned-presidential candidate Rick Perry hasn't had to court the African-American vote, since he's won three elections and become Texas' longest-serving governor without it.

Perry hasn't ignored black Texans. He's routinely taken part in the United Negro College Fund's "Governor's Luncheon" and been the commencement speaker at both Prairie View A&M University and Texas Southern University in recent years. While his remarks usually remain generic, he did point out at Texas Southern last year that African-American enrollment in Texas higher education increased by nearly 20,000 students between 2008 and 2009.

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