Perry retreat co-host: MLK deserved no credit on civil rights

I wonder if Rick Perry's friends will have to endure the same scrunity that candidate Obama's friends did. Will he have to 'disavow and denounce' this guy? I wonder when will the main stream media fall out of love with Perry and do their due diligence in vetting him? He is on the national stage now. It is time for him to be held to national standards.

While hundreds of thousands of Americans converge on the National Mall to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. this weekend as the president dedicates a memorial to the slain civil rights leader, Rick Perry, the newly minted Republican Party presidential front-runner, will be attending a retreat with a man who believes King deserves no such honor.

The "call to action" retreat, reported by Politico's Jonathan Martin earlier this month, will be hosted by a prominent San Antonio doctor, Jim Leininger, and his wife Cecilia. Among the co-hosts of the Fredericksburg, Texas event, which is being called a "get together to discuss the 2012 election," rather than a fundraiser, will be David Barton, the founder of the evangelical Christian group WallBuilders.

It's ironic that Perry will be spending the day before the King memorial dedication with a man who has said that King does not deserve credit for the revolutionary changes in civil rights law that took place in the 1950s and 60s.

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