New Policy Gives Hope To Some Facing Deportation

Although this is good news, it will not quiet the critics. Some think it is too little too late, others think it does not do enough. In my opinion, this is a step in the right direction to make sure we are deporting the more violent offenders and not students.

The Obama administration on Thursday said it would review the deportation cases of 300,000 illegal immigrants. The administration wants to put high priority on removing convicted criminals, and low priority on cases that involve people who pose no security threat.

That might make a big difference for thousands of undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as children.

New Hope For One Student

Melissa, a high school student in Central Florida, came to the U.S. from her native Honduras with the help of smugglers when she was 7 years old. She has no criminal convictions, though her attorney didn't want her real name used for this story.

When Melissa heard the White House announcement, she said it gave her hope for the future and a hope that she no longer had to "be afraid [that] they're going to send me back."

"It's a pretty good thing, it makes me feel good," she said. "It makes me feel sure of what I'm doing now."

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