Motorola Acquisition Would Throw Google Into The Thick Of Mobile Hardware

I am not sure what this all means. I am not as tech savvy as my husband. But I know, anything dealing with Google is always a big deal.

Google announced this morning that it was acquiring Motorola Mobility Holdings for $40 a share in cash or $12.5 billion. It is the largest acquisition for Google and it throws Google firmly into the mobile business.

Google, of course, is already a major player in the mobile space because of its Android operating system, which it launched in 2007 and is currently on about half of the smartphones in the U.S. For a little bit, Google also tried its hand at hardware, when it made a phone it called Nexus One. That didn't work out and Google ceased manufacturing the phone, but this acquisition would give Google a second — and way bigger — entrĂ©e into the hardware business.

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