Lack of jobs for blacks creates tension between black lawmakers and Obama

There has been tension between President Obama and all lawmakers. This goes back to the healthcare debate in my opinion. The reason the Republican Tea Party was able to create such a disruption was because they had help from the 'Blue Dog' Democrat. Which in my opinion is a fancy term for Republican. Had he not had to fight both parties to get that deal done, he could have concentrated on the economy and growing jobs. I am sickened by the lack of accountability Congress gives themselves. But, they are quick to lay the blame at the feet of the President.

The CBC or the Progressive Caucus should be meeting the Tea Party toe for toe every time they come out with something. If the Tea Party holds a press conference, the CBC and/or the Progressive Caucus should hold one as well. They have to do a better job of communicating the message. For three years they have allowed the minority to lead the discussion. They need to take control of the message this summer. Do not let this summer mirror the healthcare debate summer. There should be some lessons learned.

Black lawmakers are embarking on a monthlong campaign Monday to address the staggering unemployment rate among African Americans, an issue that has become a growing source of tension between members of the Congressional Black Caucus and the Obama administration.

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