Kirsten Gillibrand Plugs Urban Jobs Act In Queens

Unfortunately, this bill will not get passed either. We have a Congress that does see the need to help those that cannot help themselves. We all know that there is big money in keeping our youth uneducated and jobless. This gives them the bodies they need to fill those prison beds. The good thing about this bill is that is it not directed at any ethnic group. It's target group is 18-24 year olds. At least, this Senator is trying to do something.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) swung by Jackson Heights, Queens on Tuesday to push a bill she hopes will address the daunting problem of youth unemployment. Called the Urban Jobs Act, the legislation she is sponsoring would send non-profits $20 million nationwide in its first year to give 18 to 24 year olds skills training, mentoring, GED preparation, and more.

The money would be targeted, Gillibrand said, “to help connect the at-risk youth to the jobs that are available now.” Gillibrand’s office estimated that 39% of young blacks and 36% of young Latinos looking for work nationwide were unemployed in July.

For Giovanni Matos, a 22-year-old Latino who has been involved with one such non-profit, Make the Road New York, since he was 14, the senator’s visit to the group's headquarters was welcome news.

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