Jon Bruning, Nebraska Senate Candidate, Compares Welfare Recipients To Raccoons

This guy is the Attorney General for the State of Nebraska. If this is how he feels about people, how can he effectively serve in his current position? When did the poor and the least among us become the problem? As in every class, every group, there will be some that will do nothing. Some that will do just enough. Some will go above and beyond the call. This guy can not be for real. I hope the 'poor' in Nebraska stand up to this guy.

Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning, the Tea Party-backed candidate running to unseat Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) next year, compared welfare recipients to raccoons and took a shot at the Environmental Protection Agency in a recent speech.

In the undated video, shot by the liberal group American Bridge 21st Century, Bruning tells the story of a local construction project that was halted so as not to harm an endangered species of beetle.

"So the biologist has to go out there, and he sets these traps," Bruning tells his audience. "They put a rat carcass in the bottom, and the beetles crawl up and they fall into the bottom of it. And they put all these buckets up and down the side of the road and they capture all the Burying Beetles. The biologist goes out in the morning, grabs the beetles, and they take them two miles down and they gently let the beetles out. So that the beetles will survive."

There's a problem with this plan that "the biologist or EPA or whoever it is" concocted, Bruning says.

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