Jalen Rose starts 20 days in Oakland County jail for drunken driving

Hopefully, Jalen will have an opportunity to redeem himself when he comes out. He made a mistake, he is serving sentence. Let's hope that the system works to help in his rehabilitation. If so, Jalen should be ready to go if and when the NBA season starts.

Jalen Rose, a former NBA and Michigan Wolverines star and current ESPN analyst, reported to the Oakland County jail this morning, arriving before 8 a.m. to begin his 20-day sentence for drunk driving.

Rose, in a red shirt and shorts, jogged past television crews near the jail, in the Oakland County complex. “He walked right past whoever was out there,” said Oakland County Sheriff’s Captain Barry Zeeman. Rose, 38, is expected to be released Aug. 18, with two days lopped off his sentence for good time served.

Zeeman said Rose would be separated from the general jail population.

Rose, an analyst for ESPN and former Wolverine standout, was arrested in March after he crashed his Cadillac Escalade on Walnut Lake Road in West Bloomfield. He later admitted to drinking six martinis. A test showed he had a .12 percent blood alcohol level. Under Michigan law, .08 is considered legally drunk.

Last week, 48th district court judge Kimberly Small sentenced Rose to 20 days in jail, but allowed him to report today so he could attend his grandmother's birthday party. Rose, who is known for his philanthropic work for inner city kids, apologized at the time and said the experience had “humbled and humiliated” him.

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