How To Deal With Your Child Back-To-School Jitters

Where is the story helping parents to deal with sending their kids to school for the first time? Although my son has been in school since he turned one, I am having major issues about him starting kindergarten in a couple of weeks. I keep trying to figure out why this time is so much more difficult for me to get a handle on. Am I experiencing some 'age thing' because he is starting school on my birthday? But anyway, maybe I will write the article after his first day in kindergarten.

Going back to school can be a really exciting time for children – new teachers, different learning environment, and everything has a fresh feeling to it. However, for some children, it can be a time of stress and anxiety. Change doesn’t come easy to all children and sometimes they just need a little bit of encouragement in order to succeed in a new classroom. How can you help your child make the right transition to a new school year?

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