Eric Cantor swipes at Obama speech

How can they, Cantor and Boehner, disagree with the plan that they have not seen yet? This is just further proof that they are against this President not on merit but on party. They have not seen the plan, but yet they say it is not going to work. They don't want him to speak to the country because most of the time he gets a bump in the polls. They want to keep him under 40% as long as they can. They also know that this tour that he is on, is on a small scale working. He is connecting with people on a daily basis. The media is following him around trying to get a story. So these guys, while they are on recess, have to fight to keep their names in the news.

Speaker John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor haven’t seen a draft of President Barack Obama’s upcoming jobs speech, but they took a swipe at it Wednesday anyway.

Boehner (R-Ohio), responded to news of Obama’s proposal by trotting out his oft-used line, “Where are the jobs?” and called on the president to offer “specific” jobs ideas different than what he has pitched in the past.

“To get our economy moving, what the American people need from the President is leadership and serious solutions that reflect a true change in his approach to our economy and the role of government,” Boehner said in a statement Wednesday afternoon. “We welcome him to our ongoing efforts to help create jobs, and look forward to seeing a detailed plan next month.

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