Did NBA's Delonte West apply for a Home Depot job?

Wow, this is so sad. But at least he is willing to go out and work. I hope things are not as bad as they are presented. Hopefully, he is being proactive in going out looking for a job. It is unfortunate that the judge won't let him go overseas to make some money, but I guess that is the law. I hope he gets the job, we would hate for him to resort to a life of crime for support.

Basketball players must really be hurting due to the NBA lockout. While many of them are heading overseas to earn supplemental income, there are a few who are stuck in the States trying to figure out what they can do next to make some extra money.

Delonte West, who played as a guard for the Boston Celtics last season, is one of these individuals. West, who has been in trouble with the law and is not allowed to travel outside of the country, recently tweeted that he was in such dire straits that he had to apply for an entry-level job at the Home Depot.

"Pride 2 the side...just filled out a application at Home Depot.. Lockout aint a game..," he wrote. He later posted the following comment as to why he had to resort to such drastic measures. "Can't even go get that over seas money.. Judge said it's a no go on leaving the country..."

Even though he made $14 million in his last seven years, the troubled player apparently didn't save too much of it, and now he is left with limited options because of his legal woes. While some question whether this is a publicity stunt or an accurate statement, it just may well be that West has indeed fallen on hard times, and that he could be the first of many NBA players who will to have to seek alternate employment in the coming months because of the lockout.

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