Critics call on Obama to cancel his Martha’s Vineyard vacation

Stay in DC and do what? Congress is not there!! It is not as if he will not get his daily briefings everyday. We all need time to rest and get recharged. He needs to spend time with his family and get ready for this election season. I do not think that he should cancel his vacation. Congress did not cancel their recess, why should he cancel his vacation? Is it because he is going to Martha's Vineyard? A place that some still believe that we, people of color, should not frequent. Enjoy your family Mr. President. Get your girls ready for school. If you stay they will complain, if you go they will complain. So go, Mr. President and enjoy yourself.

If it’s August, it must be time for that annual Washington political tradition: griping over the president’s vacation.

Through wars and natural disasters, recessions and reelections, the getaway locales for America’s chief executive have been dissected by critics looking for symbolic reasons why the president shouldn’t go.

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