Bounced Checks From America's Bank of Opportunity

Unfortunately, the checks are still bouncing. The poor in this country are still suffering beyond measure for a country that has so much. We want to romanticize Dr. King, much like we do Jesus himself. Both were concerned about how we treated the 'least' of these. I hope this March and unveiling will remind people why King died in the first place. He died speaking up for the poor and the disenfranchised.

As our nation pauses to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with the dedication of a new memorial on the anniversary of the historic 1963 March on Washington, most will focus on only part of the story. When many Americans think of the historic March, they think of Dr. King standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial delivering his inspiring "I Have a Dream," words he spontaneously added at the very end of his speech. For nearly 50 years the powerful words in that section have been quoted all over the world. But too few people remember that the March on Washington wasn't focused just on racial equality but was actually named the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom and was a demand for economic opportunity and economic justice for all. Too few know or remember the central metaphor that made up the first half of Dr. King's speech: the bounced check America had written to its Black and poor citizens.

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