Arne Duncan to issue 'No Child' waivers

This shows that this President gets it. He now knows that Congress can not be trusted to do what it is suppose to do. He gave them a task months ago to complete, they haven't even addressed it yet. So good for him to make a decision about how to implement some of 'No Child Left Behind'.

Seeing “no clear path” toward reauthorizing the “No Child Left Behind” education law, the Obama administration will unilaterally issue waivers to states, exempting them from some of the law’s regulations.

“Today, we’re less than a month from the start of the school year, and … we still believe there is no clear path toward a bipartisan bill to reform No Child Left Behind, said White House domestic policy adviser Melody Barnes in a conference call with reporters, the contents of which were embargoed until Monday.

“Our administration has been working on plans to provide more flexibility. The president has directed us to proceed with those plans.”

The announcement comes months after President Barack Obama called on Congress to deliver legislation to his desk by September that fixed the Bush-era law. But as the calendar moves closer to Obama’s deadline, the House and Senate have moved on separate paths at a pace the White House says is not nearly fast enough.

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